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Log Cabins

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If you are thinking of building a medium-sized or a small-sized home, you should definitely consider a log cabin. Located in Alicante and serving the regions of Benidorm, Elche, Valencia, Murcia, Granada and Malaga, Furdus House will build your perfect log home, of the desired size and in the desired location. Indifferent if you are in the middle of the countryside, in a field, or on top of a mountain.


Wood as a material is advantageously differentiated from concrete & bricks. Our wooden houses are ecologically clean, they keep & hold warmth for a long time, and they are simply beautiful. Due to their nature, wood residences require a minimum of heating or cooling, especially topical in the current environment, with rising energy prices. Wood can last for a long time. It can also resist and withstand extremely cold temperatures.