Square Logs

Square Logs

Solid Square Wooden Bars


Furdus House Alicante, supplies Square Wood Bars for the construction of wooden cabins in Spain. We all know the quality of dense wood. The solid square trunks are made of pure wood, without glue films or other chemical products. This allows the wood to breathe naturally.

If you are looking for a way to live in a more ecological environment, solid trunks are definitely one of the best candidates available for a greener home. The moisture content of the dry profile bars is between 18-22%.

Our selection of square bars and trunks have a thickness of 70 and 95 mm, are processed with cardiac cutting saw technology (2-ex log). This style minimises cracking and bending of the wood, and is the reason why these logs have almost the same characteristics as laminated logs, but naturally. The 140 mm thick trunks are traditional square trunks with “heart in the center” (1-ex log).

We have noticed that the ecological and natural way of building houses increases every day. More and more customers want to build their homes without using chemical products. The thickness of the profiled solid wood starts with: …85mm; …92mm; …110mm; …135mm; …142mm; …160mm; …185mm; …192mm; …210mm and ends at …235mm;