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Wooden Houses

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If you like to live a luxury lifestyle, or are just looking for the perfect place for your family to live, Furdus House can build you the most extravagant & luxurious wooden home.Furdus House manufactures, builds and sells luxury log houses using cutting-edge European technology, that incorporates exclusive ecological materials. So that the luxury house you have always dreamt of becomes your perfect place to live, the perfect retreat for your family and friends to enjoy.


Our beautiful wooden houses have become the perfect home for hundreds of people throughout Europe & Spain, and encapsulate extravagant timeless designs. If you would like to discuss your requirements in detail we have Furdus House agents operating in Alicante, Benidorm, Elche, Valencia, Murcia, Granada & Malaga.

We build according to the following criteria and utilise:

Hi quality raw products

The latest processing technologies and construction practices

Build in accordance with all regulations and guidelines for the protection of the natural environment

Adhere to quality construction guidelines

Utilise unique architectural solutions

Have Extensive experience in the construction of wooden structures

A team of dedicated and hard-working professionals to guarantee your satisfaction